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(noun) A moment that is cringeworthy, unfunny or otherwise reminiscent of Lochlan.
Person 1: my dog just died :(
Person 2: lmaooooo. Lochlan Moment.

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What you and your group of friends called yourselves when you were in Elementary/Primary school and you still jokingly refer to yourselves as now.
Person1: What should we call our group chat, btw?

Person2: Magical Idiots, lol.

Person1: Omg, do you remember that, tho?

Person2: Yeah, we were, like, so cringy, lol

Person1: Yeah, we used XD! Who even does that anymore?

Person2: ikr.

Then, they look back in 10 years time and realize nothing had changed.
by Y337 5p34k October 13, 2018

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Stands for: Nearly Santa's Favourite Week

Used to describe Christmas and the week with both Christmas Eve, Boxing day and Christmas day.
Person One: Have you got a gift for the Secret Santa?

Person Two: Yeah! It's NSFW!
by Y337 5p34k October 15, 2018

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