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Internet handle by none other than “Darnell Grimes” aka juniors brother who’s an aspiring actor and former fitness trainer.

Hardly posts anymore, mostly considered a social media ghost

jarrito96 is instantly an iconic username that’s associated with Dirty Darnell, very easily identified
Jarrito96 means grimes, Darnell grimes


Junior: wtf bro? Why you stealing my likes?

Darnell: you ain’t had any in the first place, little boy

Junior: I’m the top dog, get in line

Darnell: then I’m the bouncer that kicks you out instead

Junior: …..


Don’t mess with jarrito96 he’s low key deadly and most definitely plotting revenge should you cross him
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Something junior Grimes has

Aka “J grimesiconic yet questionable hairstyle
Hey that junior grimes sure has a yee yee ass haircut , huh?

Yeah he’s a scruffy lookin ass lowlife that can’t keep a girl

J grimes has a yee yee ass haircut
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Something junior grimes (J grimes)

Junior grimes “j bravo” is a British tik toker and youtuber rapper that thinks bitches love him when in reality he’s the tackiest and grimiest mf ever seen! Aint no way any girls going to take a second glance at his ass
Person: Yo j maybe if you got rid of that yee yee ass haircut you’d get some bitches on ya dick “

Junior: aw shit , whatever you just a hater

Person: Nah fam, it’s for your own good brah

Junior: shit maybe your right or something

Person: I think I’m right or something
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