5 definitions by XypprZ Alex

Tagswag is a popular YouTuber Whois brothers with the YouTube channel Engween. He often reacts to tweets and TikToks. He also does storytime videos telling stories that were sent to him on Instagram. In his background he plays Minecraft.
Tagswag is the best YouTube channel and he makes awesome videos Alex. Did you see that MC Hypixel parkour?!
by XypprZ Alex February 24, 2022
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TannerFishies is an American YouTuber who currently lives in Michigan. He has one roommate named KaterinaRedFoxtrot a.k.a. TheGingerCat. He produces Transformers and Ninjago related content, with some film reviews.
TannerFishies is a Transformers fan? I thought he was only a Ninjago fan. I cannot believe you didn’t tell me Alex!
by XypprZ Alex July 19, 2022
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A reboot of a show that needed one to stay fresh and was the last good TMNT before Brian Robbins from Nickelodeon said to the last good show to get the fuck out of there.
Hey Mr. P, did you see the new episode of TMNT 2012? No Alex, I have not because it’s fuckin’ over like a BJ to my dick.
by XypprZ Alex February 25, 2022
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The area code for the Rochester area of Lake Pisstario. Buffalo stole the 716 from them
They gave us this crappy number and stole the other one called 585.
by XypprZ Alex February 27, 2022
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Twoswag is a YouTuber that is brothers with the channel Engween. He is known for his Twitter, TikTok, and storytime videos. He plays Minecraft in every video. He is known to hate Dreamsexual kids.
Hey Anthony, did you see Twoswag do that parkour in Minecraft? Yes I did Alex.
by XypprZ Alex February 24, 2022
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