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A cööt is a very long, and lanky cat going far beyond normal cat anatomy. They can be seen staring at walls, or contemplating why they ever exist. The vast majority of cööts are house cats. These special snowflakes can go absolutely bonkers for no reason, but this rarely ever occurs. It shall only occur when the cööt is having a serious mid life crisis, and feels overwhelmed. Cööts are at nature a very serious species, and are basically the intellectuals of the cat world. These cats are also extremely strong because of their complex figure. Cööts can run very very very fast, faster than any other cat species. This is because of their long and lanky leggs which allows them to propel theirselves forward at an extraordinarily impressive rate. They are overall the most interesting cats to ever walk this trash bin we call an Earth.
“ Oml that cat is one long boi I think it’s a cööt. “
“ Karen our cööt is staring at the walls again... “
by Xx QwQ xX May 30, 2019

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A Micheal Jackson noise.
Billie Jean is not myyyy lover she’s just a girl fhuiweiuehifuwiojfewjiod hee hee.
by Xx QwQ xX May 19, 2019

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