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Breasts on (but not limiting to) men, an extremely saggy, lop-sided, pair of breasts. Usually seen in over-set elderly women. Occasional men apply.
Candle Bag Titties
1. Purchasing two candles from your local convenience store and placing them into two separate plastic bags. Notice the "sag."
2. Kirstie Alley
3. Joseph R. Gannascoli
4. Chastity Bono
5. That one Mcdonalds chick from those cell phone forwards.
by WtF#? September 27, 2010
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1.(A) Dictating someone your religion with means of throat shoving.
2.(B) A large crowd of women with a singular intent.
Vagina Stampede

1a. Mormons.
2a. Televangelists.
3a. Obama.
4a. Mel Gibson.

Religious person: "Have you heard the good word?"
Response: "Take your 'vagina stampede' to a cancer house!!"

Religious Person: "Can I tell you about your heavenly father?"
Response: "Nope. His 'vagina stampede' already corrupted my daughter."

"I'm not Muslim."


1b. The opening night of 'New Moon.'
2b. The Sarah Palin pary.
by WtF#? September 27, 2010
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