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Clever slur on the horseshitty PC game called World Of Warcraft. Basically, it's a mongoloid babysitting service. People get addicted to this game for some weak reason I can't define. You pay a monthly fee to do meaningless quests on a server, but said quests are irrelevant to any central plot which makes a central server pointless (other than making Blizzard money). You could set up your own local server and go through all the quests just the same. But of course, this is officially not allowed. So lameoids then go through months of mundane, nerd-raved, overrated "battles" against boring, nothing-special computer AI enemies all the way to level 60.

At that point, they typically decide to continue playing, particularly in guilds, which are organized groups of the common net scum dullard you see everywhere. Everything from teenage fuckwads to piece of shit thin skinned whiny 300 lbs. hairy crybabies that make the comic book guy from The Simpsons look cool. These guilds going on "raids" together into the same old dungeons ad nauseum is common. Game-wise, this is for the purpose of procuring some little game trinket to equip your character(s) with, but this is quickly of little real gameplay value. That means they only do it because they have nothing better to do. They may also duel with each other from time to time. The gameplay then consists of a menu driven, retarded version of a chess game in real time.

When you criticize this game in the face of fans, after you make it clear that it's not the whole of online RPGs that you are attacking, but only this shitty game, they can only agree with you and say basically say 'oh well it's fun'. Good for you, but we all agree it's crap. The concept of a game where you log into a central story through a server - that would actually be good. World of Nerdcraft is far from that and the popularity of this game has probably guaranteed that no such effort will be made to develop something of that caliber by game companies as long as shite like this is so popular.
If you play World Of Nerdcraft, you're an imbecile and proud of it.
by WoW! Lame! December 24, 2006

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