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A surgically enhanced chest resulting from unwanted physical or emotional conditions (i.e. breast cancer, unsightly birthmark, gender issues).
The contents in Pamela Anderson's medicine chest seem to be expiring.
by Wite Vagina Finda January 26, 2011
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The fear of Jews.
It is assumed that Adolph Hitler, Mel Gibson, my neighbor, and the victims of the Madoff ponzi scheme suffer from shalomophobia.
Skinhead: You're a Jew. I hate you.

Me: Your shalomophobia suggests that you may be a closet Jew.

Skinhead: Well, my great-grandfather was 1/4 Jewish, but that doesn't count because he converted.

Me: I'm hear for you, bro.
by Wite Vagina Finda January 22, 2010
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An unnecessary and somewhat obnoxious introduction to an obvious observation.
Synonymous with the phrase “it goes without saying.”
Person A: I heard that my teacher’s vagina smells like a toxic waste dump. Needless to say I won’t be putting my nose anywhere near that.

Person B: If it’s needless to say, then why did you say it?

Person A: Well…I…uh…I don’t know.

Person B: Dick (while walking away).
by Wite Vagina Finda January 19, 2010
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A temporary or permanent state of mind that occurs when a person is dissatisfied with a result. This reasoning may range from borderline valid to extremely frivolous.
Michael: What a gold digger Mary is! She's only dating Adam because he's rich.

Thomas: That's just your discrimagination. It's probably because they have similar hobbies.

MIchael: Like what? Hiking? I could try that.

Thomas: You have no legs.
by Wite Vagina Finda February 4, 2011
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