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An instance where sperm does not emit from the penis during ejaculation due to a large kidney stone stuck in the urinary tract.
Taylor: Did you finish on me?
Brett: No, fuck! I think I had an Uncle Terrence!
by Winser the Penguin August 18, 2017

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A phrase used by someone who is discussing a concept (usually very difficult or extraordinary to the average person) that they have done so much that it has become very easy or simple to them and is no longer a big deal.
John: Damn Trey, I had no idea you could dunk like that.
Trey: Are you kidding? I flip that shit, Man!
Dane: Yo, I was sweet-talking this broad so good last night dude. I know she had been wanting to fuck me after that. Yeah, I flip that shit!
by Winser the Penguin May 02, 2018

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