2 definitions by Willy Waller

Over-priced piece of crap. Complete ripoff of the once 2nd greatest thing in the history of computers, NeXTSTEP. Packaged by liars and idiots. Viruses can be written for Mac OS X like there's no tomorow. Macros anyone? Don't be a moron and fall for DRM and software/hardware lockdown.

Idiots who use it think it "Just Works" even though the interface is ass-backwards and promotes bad habits. (CMD-delete? That stupid "Dock"?)
1. Dude, I just installed OS X! My wallet is now 2,500$ lighter, but I have all these sweeeet iSoftware applications! I still need to go pick up Mac Office for 200$, though. That was soooo much easier than burning a copy of Ubuntu for free and getting all the software I'll ever need! And viruses? Oh there's nooo viruses!!!!!11!1

2. Some people say Mac OS X is great and popular. But why is it only at 2% market share world wide? Linux and the BSDs are more popular.
by Willy Waller February 03, 2007
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A nifty tool for peeling potatoes and stuff.

(Willy Waller was invented by the coolest people in the world, who own tetesclaques.tv, a Quebec comedy site)
1. Dude, peeling potatoes and small animals with my willy waller 2006 is like 29389 times faster than just using my hands!

2. Buy one today, and get not one, not two, not even three, but THIRTY SIX WILLY WALLERS! You might be saying now, "But Uncle Tom, how can you do that???!" Well we don't know but order now anyways!!!
by Willy Waller February 03, 2007
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