1 definition by Willy Mór

Largest teenage disco in Ireland. Takes place on Halloween, Easter, Christmas, some during summer, etc. in Queens Hotel in Ennis, Clare. Basically, you just dance to blaring music, get pictures with people and shift random people you’ve probably never met. It’s actually great craic most of the time. All the lads wear jeans (or tracksuit pants if you’re that guy) and some sort of Siksilk or Illusive or 11 Degrees T-shirt. Then all the girls wear skirts so tight you’d think they just rapped themselves with flex tape. They also wear more fake tan than Donald Trump, so don’t wear a white T-shirt or it will get destroyed from getting pictures with people.
Lad: “Did you see that fella Evan at Queens disco?”
Lad 2: “No, why?”
Lad: “Jaysus, he was shifting beoirs left and right!”
by Willy Mór October 20, 2019