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Life is
Is perfectly good nothing bad as most people think it may be but it isn't you see life is a good thing through and through but bad things are thrown in as a test to make us better people and appreciate all the good in the world
Nothing is bad it's just as we preceive it
by Willie The Great April 21, 2005
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1. A Nickname for San Fransisco
2. A Nickname for one of my friends, Statten Corwin, #13,Kick-Ass Basketball Player
1. I'm heading over to sco for some chow
2. You see Sco dunk that ball he's a total Balla
by Willie The Great May 9, 2005
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A Kick Ass song By Breaking Benjamin.
very soothingput it on if you have had a bad day.
I put on the song "rain" because i had a bad day
by Willie The Great April 20, 2005
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A band that started out as "Sweet Children" playing at gilmmans street,
on the "lookout records" label, eventually they became biggewer and had to switch labels becuase of the over demand of Kerplunk, became very big once dookkie came out. relesed a few more albums. they were called sell outs for leaving the underground and lost much of there fan base, with thier aucostic song "good radiance", even more now with thier release of thier new album "american idiot" which blew up more than dookie, getting into the mainstream more than before with American idiot", "holiday" , "bulovard of broken dreams" and recently not as much play "wake me up when september ends", causeing many things.

leading me to this conclusion:
people who think Green day is gay period,
people who think greenday isn't punk anymore and that they are sellouts,
little 10 year old girls who drool over billie joe and don't know shit about them ,
the adults that really don't give a shit,
and the true fans who love all thier music even if it's punk or not

thank your for reading, and have a good day.
Haters: greenday is gay
Older fans: F**king sell outs
mindes girls: i love greenday for noreason
true fans: you people are really screwed up
by Willie The Great June 30, 2005
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The Best Freaking Band in the World
in my case only known for "So Cold"
and 'Sooner or Later" but have many better songs
FireFly Could you shine your light
Now I know your ways
'cause they're just like mine
Now I'm justified
As I fall in line
And it's hard to try
When you're open wide

by Willie The Great April 21, 2005
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An Awesome artist known for his funky beats and mixture of all musics
but, does not get a lot of recognition from the main stream
"My sun-eyed girl, hey, my sun-eyed guurrrllllll
by Willie The Great May 20, 2005
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