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An action of social change similar to Gentrification or Urbanization in which a concept manifests as a movement of members of the society to radically alter their living and social status by changing in conformance with the theory.
The Romneyfication began in early November 2012, when Willard Mitt Romney was elected by a large group of Americans so totally void of common sense, they actually voted 180ยบ against their own best interests. Results of this Romneyfication turned the struggling USA into a third world country consisting of 3,140,530 billionaires (1%) lording fiscal power over 310,912,470 (99%) peasants so he can have TWO Ferrari elevators in his La Jolla CA compound. Also see Mexico-ification for an empirical history dating to 1521. He achieved Mexico-ification within 2 years of inauguration, rendering the majority to become mere vassals in the New Feudalism that was planned in smoky back rooms of GOP Inc. Headquarters.
by Willard 'the Rat" August 05, 2012
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