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alright, i dont know where the jungle fever definition came from, that guy cracka is an idiot, or autistic. so block that out of your mind. nigger lips primarily means, well, the lips of black people. obviously this refers to the stereo type that they all have really, really big lips. use nugget of slang wisely Because, if you're not black and you say the above term in front of usually more than 1 brother, you will get stomped out, son (if the above brother is a token and/or if he's vastly outnumbered by "white devils", he is in a strategic positionn to shut the fuck up and resist urge to slap). Also, nigger lips can refer to slobbering like a bastard on a joint after hitting it, causing the opening to close and pissing off your friends. so i guess what im trying to say is dont fuck up.
"haha i bet your girlfriend gives sensational head, like an industrial size vaccum cleaner, or dakota fanning"
"oh hey thats interesting...see ive been developing this theory. you know how your mom is a loose slut, and when you look in the mirror all you see are your nigger lips? its a fair conclusion to say that your mom fucked the black ups guy who comes by... and here you are... with your nigger lips hahahahaha."
"dude, fuck you man. fucking, i dont need your faggotry or your obervational skills here... cocksmoker"
"ok, well ummm answer me this: who the fuck has known their ups guy their entire lives? hahaha go do some soul searchin"

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