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Isn't it pretty obvious?
It's the Syndicate I say what I want to, I say, "hey fuck off punk" just to taunt you
Into believing the ryhmes I say are meant for one thing and that's achieving my goal
So I can stroll where the fat money rolls, 'cross the bridge over trouble waters
Pay the toll with no bother, no fuss, in God I trust but the rest pay the cash that's a must
The reason I'm teasin' you is it's pleasin' me to see how funny this can be
When I grab the mic I'm like a three wheel bike I'm always on a roll
I'm always good as gold, so before you smack lip stick and try to talk shit
I'll tell you now the battle's over and the joint is lit so quit

All hell breaks loose and it's a little known fact that I attract and cause a crowd to react
Like an atomic explosion of the pacific ocean
The crowd gets large and I got this notion all I wanna do is speak my rhyme and get paid
'Cause I'm in a trade to not be played and watch suckerss get slain
Put out of business, come on what is this, you came too late, boy
Class been dismissed, canceled, terminated put on a natural brake
North, find a new school to attend 'cause you know I'm goona say what I wanna
I'll grab the microphone and let my knowledge be born up, intelligence
Excellence, razor sharp wit, it's known shit, it's always gotta be legit
And up to par no matter who you are, I know I'm not the best but I still leave scars on your brain cells
What the hell, fuck everyone

Everybody, fuck 'em (fuck 'em)
Everybody (fuck 'em), fuck 'em (everybody)
Everybody, everybody

I got Tipper Gore protestin' my lyrics, fuck that bitch I don't need a clearance
To write my rhymes, speak my mind, you can't censor me the public's not blind
It's time they knew whats goin' on, you shouldn't have the power to stop a song
Even if you don't like what you hear even if the song is strikin' fear into your heart
Body, soul and brain it's my opinion so it's my domain, fuck all those standin' in my way
Step to me and you'll have to pay what I say so pay your debt
You fuck with me and you'll have regrets

Fuck everyone, fuck 'em, fuck everyone, fuck 'em
Fuck 'em now fuckers, fuck the fed now, fuck 'em now
Fuck 'em, everybody, we don't wanna hear bullshit niggers
Fuck everyone, fuck everyone, fuck 'em now
Fuck you, ha ha ha, fuck 'em
by Whyareyoulookingupthisword??? November 27, 2004

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