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What can politely spoken in many situation’s you want “NO” involvement with them on any level i.e. Job, family situation, business opportunity, a known unesassary medical treatment/test to make a “Dr.”, a quick Buck for there new BMW/Million Dollar home/Boat/whatever Praise/Prize their after for “themselves,” with a new medical drug it pulled on from a pharmacy Co., and ignoring care to speak for an hr on the product, taking away time away from the patient to “SELL/SELL OUT” what you built the practice to do in the first place i.e. Save peoples lives! Sales Rep’s that push their $100-a couple $Thousand product that is likely to break in a month W/ a shitty contract or warranty that doesn’t hold it’s water with the toilet paper it was printed on. Just letting them know you will not their next money making scam or victim to prey on to make that “Money,” while You own family suffers the consequences of the loss to them, but saying No just wouldn’t be enough to get your point across to it’s self projected ego filled head. These types feel you have to ask them, before you make any choices on your own behalf. This is how you reply and just walk away.
Sir, Your Co. is in bed with some pretty dirty people and I respectfully request to decline your offer.
Patient: Dr. I see your “sales” tack showing than personal treatment and these meds., made me feel worse than I did before I started treatments. I respectfully request to decline your offer for further treatment. Thank you for your time.

Mr. Doe, I don’t feel that it takes a gang to prove a point you made up to suit your bank account. It takes an “honest” man 7 years to prove what a dishonest man with a team choose to make up in 30 mins to make a dollar over some ones head. I respectfully request to decline your offer.

Ex: I love you! I miss you! You are my world, I’ll always be missing you and I can’t stand another day with out you. I did this all for you!

Lady: What you did is for your ego and self alone. You’re a bad example of a person and a cheater. A back stabbing ex that had no problem sleeping with many of his so called friends, girlfriends and wives while saying how much better you would be for them. Then to cheat with their best friends after you knocked one up and “ran” telling her to have an abortion. Did you think about her principals? What you did is loose your respect for others, her trust and faith in you as a person, and true. We are nothing alike and I don’t care about your money or college degree. “I respectfully request to decline your offer,” on account that some women work their asses of to support a family already destroyed. She now has love and respects them more than selling out to a sleeze bag hax that thinks himself a god.
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