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A girl with a big ass
Jennifer Lopez is a fatty girl
by Who Else? April 02, 2003
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Cape Cod town full of over-dramatic, slutty, lying, two-faced bitches. We're known all around the Cape for our small-town drama and we've got nothing to offer but seem to think we do. The only good thing about Harwich is about 2% of the people are good friends and cool people, the other 98% suck. We don't even have our own football and hockey teams because we're so small and have like no money. It's a gay place with gay people and almost everyone hates living here.
Did you hear about Harwich?
No why?
by Who else? December 04, 2004
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syan is awesome and shes my best friend and will always be. id like to thank her for always beign there for me
pat green has rad feet
by who else? July 22, 2003
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Some stupid retard that 'goes' to barnwell school (i use 'goes' in the loosest way possible because he never really comes to school) he is completely retarded and he only comes to school so he wont get raped by his mum and brothers, he gots bullied all the time suggesting to us that he would rather be at home (apart from the raping...well actually we arnt sure) but we continue because i am sure i would have more money if my parents did not have to pay for this retard.
MARK STAPLETON\staplegun\stplehead\retard\ fag\shit head\homo\poor boy\go home\ why are you wasting my parents money\ leave now or i will beat you up.
by Who else? January 23, 2004
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He is your daddy becuz u are extremely white, and if you read this you are gay!
If you also read this you are gay...homosexual not happy.;
by Who Else? November 04, 2004
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Someone with high ASSpirations

AKA: AssBait;AssMonster;AssPirate;AssBurgler
Chris is such an AssMaster.
by Who Else? February 22, 2004
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Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
This is the true definition of drama.
by Who else? April 29, 2005
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