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A generic comeback for those who can’t find a good defensive counter-attack to roasts.
Ur Mom Gay
“No u”
by Wheres the goddamn bus October 5, 2018
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He goes by many names: Alamka, Mycran, Aloomka, Ted Stevens, and others, but is known universally as Alamka. A god amongst men who controls the universes, and throws volunteers in to wreck these universes for amusement. Alamka sees all, Alamka hears all, but who is the man himself? Nobody knows, although the legendary Jabro has claimed to sight Alamka in our mortal universe. Many people decry him as a cult leader, but he does not stoop to their level, acting as if they were absent. He is the true, ultimate, beyond-life entity.
by Wheres the goddamn bus August 12, 2021
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Meaning Vagina. Commonly used in South-East Asia as a swear word. Sometimes, the word “chao” can be added in front to form “smelly vagina”.
Kanina Chibai Dog.
by Wheres the goddamn bus October 6, 2018
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