1 definition by What's it to you?

1. A phrase used mostly by Christians, but also by anyone else when they realize everyone hates them as a desperate attempt to instill some feeling of self-worth. This works wonders on low self-esteem, by reminding yourself that even though everyone else wants to strangle you, your imaginary friend Jesus will love you no matter what.

2. The title of a song, created for the same purpose but has a catchy tune.
1. Dude: Everyone hates you.
Loser: Well...Jesus still loves me!

2. Through out the neighborhood, the words rang strong and clear: "Jesus loooves me this I knoooow, for the Bible tells me soooo. Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong! Yessss Jesus loves meeeee, Yessss Jesus loves meeee...."
And everyone knew, that Sam had been dumped yet again.
by What's it to you? July 22, 2006