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he is "THE MAN". if he and miss lewis's ass got in a fight el suave would beat her down with his giant package. also he will kick clayton's ass and make him smell his 3 week old lepard thong.
El Suave is the man
by Wesley :) February 26, 2004

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The toughest gangster to ever walk the earth even if he IS white. All the bitches flock to his cock even clayton.
"I am Wigga Wes"
by Wesley :) November 04, 2003

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Only teh 1337157 (-)4x012'5 say Snipey. Meaning Shit or "Oh shoot"
"Holy Snipey Scott sure can sweat bullets"
by Wesley :) October 23, 2003

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something that clayton glassman has one inch of.
clayton looooooooooves the cock!!!
by Wesley :) October 23, 2003

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