3 definitions by Wes S.

someones man-churro, a penis
It really cranks my spermknob when someone fucks me over.
by Wes S. November 20, 2005
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an adjective describing a stinky bastard defined by the irony of taking a bath then taking a shit, thus, undoing all the stink you just removed.
Jeez, did that stinky skanky bastard just take a bath and poop or what?
by Wes S. January 13, 2006
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A description of a person who engages in acts of cowardace, shyness, or stupidity.
Riley, you're such a mamby pamby for not going to Mardi Gras with us.

Joe was playing 12 year olds in the ball pit at Chucky Cheeses and loving it, and he's 26 years old for God sakes. What a mamby pamby.
by Wes S. February 26, 2009
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