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To do a shit (eject shit from uranus)
Used as verbal abuse ("you piece of muller")
Be used as a replacement/subsitude for the word "SHIT"
Be used as during sex (exsample: brown showers)
"Im going for a muller" (im going for a shit)
"Muler/Mullah! (SHIT!)
Muller time (shitting time/brown showers)
Muller Express (brown showers)
Muller on Muller (a 69 version of brown showers)
by Wedge Antillies October 12, 2005

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"People" with red hair, freckles and pale skin. Mostly subitudes to poke fun at if there is no one fat about. The hatred for Gingers started back in the 8th to 11th century when the Vikings went around all of europe kicking everyones arse. Due to them coming form Scandinavia where Gingers decent from and the fact that they were Ginger themselves (e.g. Eric the Red), everyone started to hate Gingers. This hatred made Gingers unattactive, which is why most of them hardley get any sex, (e.g. Queen Elizabeth I of England, the virgin queen). Interestly enough Eric the Red's son later went on to discover North America. So you fuckins yanks cant say nothing! Plus it is a fact that Gingers purchase over 70% of the sunblock market. In conclusion Gingers will be exstict in the next few centuries, some of you might think its too long or better later than never, but we should remember the positive of being ginger, ill leave you to try and work out some.
Bloke 1 "The sun, risin at this time"
Bloke 2"Nah, its just the Vikings in the distance coming to invade us"
Bloke 1 "Fucking Gingers"
by Wedge Antillies February 08, 2006

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