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Live long and prosper.
I gave the guy the \\//_ sign and I was punched in the stomache.
by Wassup yall? September 13, 2004

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The SAMC-5215 is an underground antimatter-held facility used to fire antimatter missiles into space. This facility is located at least five hundred meters below ground and is very far away from civilization, this is used as a percaution because antimatter is very dangerous. The underground facility produces this antimatter to fire missiles at asteroids visible in the exosphere. When the AIR (AntImatteR) "Coercion" SAM Missiles are released, it will be navigated by a sattellite.
SAMC-5215 will possibly never be made. Antimatter is already to dangerous. So, why make it destroy the world internally?
by Wassup yall? August 24, 2004

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