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Part of the holy trinity of Minecraft, a group of godly beings who control the three elements of minecraft: building, redstone, and PvP. Technoblade is known to control the PvP element of minecraft, with his colleagues Grian and Mumbo Jumbo controlling the other two elements, building and Redstone respectively. His signature battle cry is "Technoblade neva dies!!!" striking a dark, inescapable fear to all of his opponents.
JunkyJanker: Oh shit techno is only like 100 meters away (runs in opposite direction)
Technoblade: Technoblade nevaa diesss!!! (attacks Jankus out of nowhere)
JunkyJanker: (resigns himself to his inescapable fate)
by Warthur Au August 20, 2019

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Derogatory term online for social democrats. Sometimes also shortened simply to "succ".
Neolib: "Our subreddit has been invaded by succdems"
by Warthur Au January 29, 2021

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Asian symbol for frustration. If you look carefully, it looks like a man on his knees, tired and pounding his head.
fuck! I cant solve this bronze problem! orz
William Lin orz
by Warthur Au June 06, 2020

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