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C.C.H. (Cold Crusty Heal Pounder) - In order to capture the esscence of the ol' C.C.H., one must hang out in an unfinished basement for 2 hours. This gives the bare feet a chance to cool down, catch some must. Once fertile, the heel is prepped and ready to go. Retrieve a nude female specimine as she will now experience Jesus in the form of a heel. Begin by slowly inserting your big tow... Graceyfully slide the remainder of your foot into the vagina. Once you get heel deep you know she's ready for "heel palpatations." Rapidly shake your foot within the vagina until it's bloody. Soon she will understand...
"Mom, I'll be home at 11:00pm after I give Solomon a C.C.H. Pounder."
by Wand Holder 094 June 29, 2009

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