6 definitions by Walrus I Am

A font that is in Old English font with a huge font size and is often bedazzled when on shirts.
Joe: "Did you see Jason's shirt?"
Geo: "Yeah, it was full of douche font."
by Walrus I Am January 9, 2010
A shirt containing douche font.
Geo: "Did you see Jason's shirt?"
Joe "Yeah it was a douche shirt, tons of douche font on it"
by Walrus I Am January 9, 2010
Relating to Manga and Anime.
Example 1
Boy: Hey I'm going to an Anime Expo!
Girl: Cool! Mangus Animus FTW

Example 2
Boy: What do you like most?
Girl: I would have to say, Mangus Animus.
by Walrus I Am July 3, 2010
An action only a douche would do that often involves being a heartless jerk.
Geo: "Did you see how Joe just slapped Lindsey's soda out of her hand?"

Jason: "Yeah, what a douche act, he's such a douche."
by Walrus I Am January 27, 2010
One who has no soul
You see that guy?

Yeah, look at him, he's a nigger.
by Walrus I Am April 19, 2011