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fetch is everything. fetch is godly. fetch is the new cool replacement of 2009. it will spread across the country like a unquenchable wild fire. fetch is love. fetch is trust. fetch is everything that everyone wants to be. The antonym is CRUNCH
Omg, that chanel dress is so fetch!
Can you believe that she saved those 50 kids from the burning building? How fetch!
That party last night was so fetch!
Jeffree Star is totally the fetchest.
by Wally Willerstein(Wade) January 08, 2009
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death. pain. everything that is not fetch.(see definition on fetch). bad music. bad dance moves. fake losers. everything that sucks.
OMG ultraviolet sound didnt show up at the concert last night, how crunch.

That hideous dress made me vomit, so crunch!

Maryland is so crunch.
by Wally Willerstein(Wade) January 13, 2009
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