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The act of 'Pecking' A Pecker is a term to describe a type of Sleaze, a person who overly 'Pecks' or 'comes on to' girls in a subtle way, but that is usually obvious. Overly complimenting and acting nice to try and get sex off them.
Facebook Status:

Girl: Do I buy a white or pink flesh tunnel to go in my ear ;p I actually don’t know what one to get!

Guy 'Pecker' : Get both! they'd both look great on you :) :) xxxx

Girl : haha yer i mite :L thanks x

Guy 'Pecker' : Np ^^ anything would look good on you :) :) xxxx

Guy 'Pecker' proceeds to like and comment on 'Girls' every status and picture

God man look at that guy pecking on her, he's such a Pecker!!
by VirusDude! February 02, 2011

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