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The coven is a secret society of satanist , anarchistic , pagans , stoners and jugglo haters . The name coven comes from the song supercoven by Electric wizard . Most members are fans of the band and other stoner/doom metal bands and also have a high interest in the occult and other dark topics . The Coven is one of the only groups of people to openly be against jugglos , coven members are known to be part of the jugglo holocaust . most members where a blacken suns around there neck and own and use switch blade type knifes of any type most members are very secretive about being a part of it and little is still known about the group /society
Coven member 1 (hey i'm bored want to go smoke and worship Satan as we listen to House on the borderland by Electric Wizard

Coven member 2 (why not its not like we just did that an hour ago....dear satan i love being part of The Coven )
by Vinum Sabbathi November 13, 2011
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Electric Wizard is a stoner doom metal band from Dorset, England that formed in 1993 . The bands lead singer and guitarist is Jus Oborn . The bands current members are jus's wife Liz Buckingham (guitar) . Shaun Rutter (drums) and Tas Danazoglou (bass) The band has come out with 7 albums and a handful of Eps and singles . Electric wizard is the heaviest band in the universe and most of there songs are about drugs Satan, cults, HP lovecraft books and the occult . The bands albums Dopethrone and come Come My Fanatics are land marks for the whole stoner metal seen but some of the bands best work is seen in there album Witchcult today . For that matter Electric wizard is the greatest metal band there is and also the heaviest
electric wizard fan 1 (hey that asshole over there is playing coldplay)

electric wizard fan 2 (Goddamn it give me your copy of let us prey )

*cold play fan starts to cry and shit himself *
by Vinum Sabbathi November 28, 2011
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