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Someone who does meth or speed, Looks really skinny and his face is sucked in from being a hardcore drug addict.
We were at the park the other day and we seen someone on meth and they looked like skeletor.

Hey check out skeletor riding that bike!
man hes looking for his next sack.
by Vincent Pinckard August 14, 2008

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When you shit in the toilet. (Public or Private)
You flush and theres little pieces left over floating around, or stuck to the side like spackle or paste. (only numerous flushings gets it off)

to spray the back of the toilet bowl

Dom you took a shit in the bathroom and theres shrapnel in the toilet!

I had subway sandwich today with a bunch of lettuce and I just took a shit and there was lettuce shrapnel left over

I had to take a shit and shrapnel went all over the back of the bowl
by Vincent Pinckard May 19, 2008

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Speed, crystal meth

It's Friday time to get that weekend pook sack!

where the fuck is jim? I haven't seen him in 2 weeks, oh hes been on pooks again!

I haven't slept in 4 days. I've been on pooks
by Vincent Pinckard August 14, 2008

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