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One of the worst wrestlers in history,although he sucks he is the WWE champion because random retards love him.
He's got a retarded gimmick (a white rapper -_-?),his mic skills are pretty decent but his in ring work is horrible, he can only do 5 or 6 moves which are:Hit,kick,Backdrop,DDT,5 knuckle shuffle(its so weak that even a baby wont feel it),and his devestating finisher FU which is really not so devastating,heck it probably doesnt even hurt.
There's kurt angle and outstanding wrestler who works very hard, but oh wait there's a white rapper.Lets make him WWE Champ !!!111oneone
by Vince McMahon Jr August 10, 2005

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A second generation wrestler from montreal Canada trained by the infamous "stu hart".

Proabably one of the best wrestlers ever,Because he had superb tehcnical skills.

But the WWE did not want him in the company anymore and screwed him(see: montreal screwjob )

so he went to WCW but at Starrcade '99 goldberg kicked him accidently which caused him to suffer an career ending injury which almost caused him to die.
For all you americans it's not Brett hart but Bret hart.
by Vince McMahon Jr August 10, 2005

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