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A smart black person. Can scare white people. Paul Mooney state on "chappelle show" lets call a movie Nigga wit a brain and see how they get scared!
Deylon: Two plus two. Befoe

Jaylen: That nigga wit a brain Deylon be hella smart!
by Vince! April 02, 2008

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When you are getting some hella good head and your about to cum, you grab the chicks ears and yank her head closer when you cum the jizz comes out of the sides of her mouth like elephant tusks.
*yeah this bitch is gonna be crazy like an elephant after this so watch your cock!*
George: Damn i had a close call last night...
Adam: What happened?
George: I gave a girl some African Elephant Tusks last night and the bitch went crazy! I'm lucky i still got my "purple headed yogurt slinger"!
Adam: Dude next time try a "one eyed panda"
by Vince! April 04, 2008

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A backwards way of telling someone to "suck my dick".
It is used in a way that people won't understand. Best effective on teachers, coaches. If you ask them they might think if your asking them if they would cuss at your future kids.
Javier: Hey Mr. Parris, would you ever kus my kid?

Mr. Parris: It depends Javier

Javier and friends: lol lol lol
by Vince! April 01, 2008

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(verb) When you moon someone and you put your sweaty balls under your ass crack so the lookers can see them! something you will hope that you see only once.
We were driving to camp and Allen chicken brained us!
I hope that i never have to see that shit again!
by Vince! April 02, 2008

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shave your pubes and then you nut in the pubes and mix it together and throw it in some bitches face!!
sue: hey hank whats that in your hand?

hank: its my man juice plasma grenade bitch!
(throws the man juice plasma grenade in Sue's face)
sue: MY EYES!!!!!!!!!
by Vince! April 05, 2008

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A pretty enormous sized penis that can ejaculate a large amount of semen with the thickness of cake batter.
Jennifer: Wow who made this much cake batter and left it out?

Tom: Thats not cake batter but i'll show you my 11 inch cake batter maker! (whips it out and ejaculates on jennifer)

Jennifer: What the fuck tom?! its all thick and hot and tastes so good!
by Vince! May 17, 2008

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The Daddy Dick! A really big penis that is almost unbelievable. Only a small percent of guys have the double D.
Elodia: Damn Isai you got the Double D
Isai: I know its like 9 and a 1/2 years long.
Elodia: Cum on my tits!
by Vince! April 02, 2008

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