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A very charming, lovable, artistic, talented, smart, kind and a VERY beautiful girl. She might seem shy at first, but once you get to know her she is quite an extrovert. She makes a great best friend. She will always stay by your side and listen to you when you are not feeling great. She is usually blonde-ish-brunette.She has EXTREMELY beautiful, natural highlights Other people have to pay HUNDREDS to have. She usually has VERY BEAUTIFUL green or blue eyes and a pretty face. She is usually a little bit above the average height for a woman. She is usually skinny yet still curvy.She might even be a model or maybe just a brandy Melville employee just not rude. But she also has a good chance of being a singer, musician, and/or song writer.She also might be an artist. Or maybe she will be an actor! Did I mention she sings like an angel? she has ALL the boys lined up at her door.many boys have a crush on her even though she is usually not a popular girl in school for SOME Reason. You never understand why she isn't the queen bee. she is a boy's dream girlfriend. She is a great kisser But most importantly she will keep you company and always make you laugh. When you are around a shannon you usually have a good time. if you meet a shannon whether she is your friend, soulmate, or lover, consider yourself lucky and make sure to NEVER let her go and keep squeezing onto her tight.
"I can't believe half the boys in our class have asked out shannon! But I heard she found true love and will never let it go."
"Yo have you seen shannon today? I wonder how she always looks SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! She doesn't even wear makeup! I'm sure one day she will be a model!"

"Shannon is the best friend ever! She is so fun and quirky. She always will make you laugh in the worst AND best times! I hope our friendship lasts forever!

Sorry I had more information about shannon but I can't write over 1500 characters so I had to delete a lot of sentences and words.
by Vfbnh tfcsxecfinkjnhvfce December 7, 2019
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A hot guy who can sing and is very kind.
I wish Sam was mine...
by Vfbnh tfcsxecfinkjnhvfce December 7, 2019
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A snake in glossier lip gloss and doc Martins.
Wouldn't you just love it if her ugliness from the inside showed on the outside?
I walked into brandy Melville just looking for some cute clothes but instead I got a brandy Melville employee hissing at me and looking up and down my body wanting to bite me then posion me with her snake poissons.
by Vfbnh tfcsxecfinkjnhvfce December 7, 2019
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