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1. Handsome or Sexy Daddy

2. A loving nickname or pet name to give your boyfriend if you're Latina.
1. Damn, look at that Papi Chulo!

2. Aye Papi Chulo que rico!
by Vero Marie June 02, 2010

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1.When a friend tries to set you up with an ugly guy friend or female friend of theirs that is ,desperateinsecure,a person that one can walk all over since he/she is way too nice, creepy,boring,lonely,obsessedloser with no life.

2.A big hint that the other person really unattractive is when you friend mentions, "Oh he's/she's really nice."

3. They think it's "cute" to try to set you up when you're content with being single. They think they know what's best for you, but in reality they have very poor taste in guys/girls.
1. Vanessa: "I have a guy friend that's single, just like you."

Jane: "I'm not interested in going on a blind date with Clifford."

2. Vanessa: "He's really nice."

Jane *Thinks to herself, this dude is probably a dog, and has no life, and Jane follows her instincts and is right.* "Like I said before, I'm not interested."

3. Jane: "What's your damn problem with me being single?"

"I don't want to be set up because I have my own free will and I know what I like and don't like in a guy."

Vanessa: "Oh, I was just having fun."

Jane: *In an angry voice* "Fun, really?"

"Wow, you're a stupid bitch."

Vanessa: "But I..."

Jane: "Cut the crap, I'm happy being single and nor do I WANT or NEED you're help getting a boyfriend."

Jane: "I like being single, besides you have poor taste in men, anyways."

Vanessa: "But I...."

Jane: "This conversation is over, so be on your way before you piss me off even more."

Vanessa *Leaves and cries like a baby because Jane put her stupid ass in place.*

Jane * Is in a better mood for standing up for herself and for other single people who enjoy being single. Refuses to be "set up" with some desperate loser guy with no life.*
by Vero Marie June 02, 2010

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1. A female with Indigenous, European, and or African ancestry.

2.We come in all shapes and sizes, we all have different skin tones ranging from olive,brown, light,and or dark skin. We have eye colors ranging from green to dark brown. We have all different hair types ranging from curly to straight and different hair colors ranging from dark brown to blond (not the fake blond that comes from dying ones hair). We are strong, beautiful,independent, hard working, passionate,loving,kind,warm, and intelligent. We are family orientated, because we are close to our loved ones. We also make great lively friends and good lovers.

3. Not all of us Latina's are hoes, stupid, trashy porn star-esque, easy women. Not all of us write like this,
AyE DiOs MiO, ThAt PuTa Is StUpId. We don't dye our hair blond, wear blue contacts, and fake and bake, and act like Chrisina Aguilera, she's not a Latina since she makes us Latina's look like dumb white trash bimbos and whores.

*Not all white girls are bad people, I have friends that are Caucasian and they are cool people. Also, I do know there are some Latina's that are born with blond hair and blue eyes, you're real and she's fake.
1. Mexican,Cuban,Puerto Rican, Dominican, Bolivian, Argentinean, Colombian,Brazilian, Peruvian,Uruguayan, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish etc...

Yo soy Mexicana y Italiana. Yo soy Latina.

2. Examples of famous Latinas; Eva Longoria-Parker, Samela Hayek, Eva Mendes, Shakira, Mayra Veronica, Nina Sky, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Christina Millian, Roselyn Sanchez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Giselle Budshen, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vegara, Selena, La La Romero,Constance Marie, Rita Moreno, Carmen Miranda, Rita Hayworth, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Vidal, Linda Ronstadt , Paz Vega, Sofia Loren, Lynda Carter, Gwen Stefani, Giada De Laurentiis, etc..

"You Go Girl"- Selena

3. Christina Aguilera is white all the way and is not nor will ever be Latina.

Me: Christina Aguilera is white.

Maria: Why do you consider her to be white? Isn't she half Ecuadorian?

Me: Well, let's see, she dyes her hair bleach blond, wears blue contacts, and acts like a dumb Valley Girl. What REAL Latina does that?! Plus, she acts white and makes all of us Latina's look really stupid. She doesn't claim being Latina either, Just because she made one album in Spanish and made one song with Ricky Martin, doesn't count.

Maria: Oh, I see what you mean. She is a stupid puta cabrona.
by Vero Marie June 01, 2010

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