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Sheyleene is a mythical being that'll descend upon the earth instantly attracting 100 averages purely with the power of her fabled intrinsic motivation. As a part of her quest for world domination, she'll adopt one lucky Teeroy and love him for eternity. The Teeroy will drive her insane, but her iron will will persist in giving them the best life ever <3
"Look, it's Teeroy, and his beautiful Sheyleene!"
by Verbal roccrates June 26, 2022
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A background character (aka an extra) in a tv series or movie who isn’t often noticed but if you watch the show back you can clearly see this character is dealing coke in the background of your favorite children’s show
“Do you know who plays the background coke dealer in Barney?” “Yeah I heard he gets quite the salary!”
by Verbal roccrates January 30, 2021
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