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In 1982, Ford reintroduced a high-performance Mustang GT which opened the door for an entirely new era of the muscle car. Wringing a then-respectable 157 hp from its "5.0" (actually 4.94 L, 302 inĀ³) Windsor V8.

The "5.0" Mustangs, cars that gave birth to an entire aftermarket performance industry, continue to remain extremely popular today.

Pronounced "five point oh."
Vannilla Ice: "Rollin' in my 5.0 with the ragtop down so my hair can blow"
by Van Buren January 23, 2006

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1. Commonly an acronym for "fucked up shit."

2. Used disparagingly at universities for the low quality of their hoagies. "Fucked up subs."
"I'm gonna roll to Kriner and get me an F.U.S. You in?"
by Van Buren March 16, 2005

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a very, very, cool street.
guy: dude check out that street
Carlos: you might say its a 1337 street...
guy: Carlos!
by Van buren March 07, 2010

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The act of laughing at one's own joke.

i.e. Jokesterbater, jokesterbation, jokesterbate
Guy after telling a joke: "LOL"

His friends: "Quit your jokesterbation"
by Van Buren December 08, 2010

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Acronym word for "College of Business." Popularized at Shippensburg University, where the COB was also knows as the J.L.G.
"I gotta get to class in the COB."
by Van Buren March 16, 2005

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