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slither- possibly one of th ebest songs ever!!! performed by the best band ever, Velvet Revolver.
Holy crap! slither is on the firggin radio!!!!!
by VR girl February 20, 2005
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ok..this guy puts really stupid shizit on this website and is ruining it! OK!! Dude...,Dave kushner is not a deushbag he is better @ guitar than you will ever be you stupid bitch!! Stop talkin about shit you don't know about!!!
Did you hear about that guy dude.. on urban dic.? Oh yeah he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about!!!
by VR girl April 02, 2005
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Velvet Revolver- the best friggin band ever and whoever hates them can go to friggin hell. For an example dude...has put some def. on this sight that just aren't right. They are great musicians with awesome talent who have made it to the very friggin top of the charts. Long live Slash,Matt,Dave,Duff,and Scott!
Dude...is the real duecsh bag, not Dave!
In loving memory of Drac Sorum.
by VR girl April 02, 2005
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