12 definitions by V dux

Track star is another name for an interveinous heroin addict. For the way their arms show tracks from syringes.
Remember dave from high school ...dudes a track star now you should see him, He is skinny like jesus on the Cross.
by V dux September 17, 2007
To get a great suck down from a project chic. (section 8 housing)
I got some suction eight last night for 10 dollars.
by V dux September 5, 2007
its a pipe of any sort in the americanized mexican culture.
T weso was shmoking the peepa last night and looked like a first base coach he was so itchy.
by V dux August 28, 2007
(o)<==== acronym for having anal sex.
Had her shitting donuts last night.
by V dux September 12, 2007