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Acronym for The War Formerly Known As The War On Terror which was renamed to the Overseas Contingency Operation by Obama's administration.
Tom: What was it Obama changed The War On Terror to?

Jim: I can never remember. I just refer to it as TWFKATWOT.

Tom: Roger
by Ur Daddie March 31, 2009

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Cut Cap & Balance is a pledge any sound thinking American can take which promotes cutting already enacted excessively crazy federal spending, permanently capping federal spending at a reasonable sustainable level, and amending the US constitution to require a balanced federal budget.

The pledge is commonly thusly repeated (hand over heart optional):

I pledge to require legislators to oppose any debt limit

increase unless all three of the following conditions have

been met:

Cut - Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the

deficit next year and each and every thereafter.

Cap - Enforceable spending caps that will put federal

on a path to a balanced budget.

Balance - Congressional passage of a Balanced

Budget Amendment
to the U.S. Constitution which

includes both a spending limitation and a super-

majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing

revenues and expenses.
Tina: Yo Tom, you wild and crazy Tea Partier, you keep complaining about nutty spending liberals but I don't get what you are offering instead.

Tom: My dearest Tina, I'm not just a Tea Partier, I'm a member of The Party of FUCK NO!. Us TPoFN!’ers right now are asking every clear thinking American to take the Cut Cap & Balance pledge.

Tina: Fucking a !

Tom: Rolling over off the wet spot – I just did.
by Ur Daddie July 20, 2011

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Barack Hussein Obama

Ach is the dictionary pronunciation of the letter "H" which refers to Obama similarly to how Dubya (or W) is used to refer to former president George Walker Bush.
Pete: Ach peddled his 3.6 Trillion dollar budget on TV last night again. That's trillion with a "T".

John: Ya I saw that. Grab your ankles and get ready to scream.

Jack: Really? I didn't know you two watched anything more complicated than American Idol. And pass me my fattie back.
by Ur Daddie May 04, 2009

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The economic depression shituation caused by Barack Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's spendthriftful porculus legislation, overtaxation, and socialistic policies causing excessive nation-wide multislacking, all of which dragged the US economy even farther down immediately following the Bush-Pelosi Recession.
What happened to the Obamaniacs? Way back during the Obama Depression, long before you chillins were born, their obamania faded to intaxication and then to fear and loathing as their investments dried up, they lost their jobs, their houses were foreclosed on, their cars repoed, and their insomnia led them to domestic violence and then to divorce. They rioted in the streets nightly burning capitalists’ mansions and government buildings. The stress of it all caused hypertension and heart attacks and most of them died off as dried up shells of their former vibrant Obama worshiping liberal selves.
by Ur Daddie March 05, 2009

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