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Mac is a guy who is very caring and sweet. He is a huge flirt but when he is with a girl he isn’t very loyal. He is usually pretty tall with beautiful blue eyes. He has a great sense of humor and he loves to make other people laugh. He has a hard life but never shows it. He masks it over with a smile. ( with a beautiful smile. Like I’m not kidding the best smile ever ) he does get very jealous tho, but it’s really cute. He is strong and very handsome ... he won’t ever think twice before standing up in what he believes in if you ever come Across a Mac don’t leave him you will regret it.
by Unknown_person January 22, 2018
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A total bitch. She is a lier and she will blame anyone and anything to make herself look good.
Oh that girl is an avigale ... if I were you I wouldn’t even look at her
by Unknown_person January 22, 2018
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Often dresses in black A Ricky will also wear hoodies over work clothes for apparently no reason, even on hot days, but has really nice ounce you get to know him/her. Likes to talk with people that he/she knowns. Cute as you know them.

That boy is sorta weird, but he is sorta ricky.
by Unknown_person December 15, 2007
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