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Some one who is quiet intelligent, and witty. People often ask him (usually a him) questions relating to all topics. He can often answer you faster than a Google search. Also known as the Googlist, Googler, and the Google. He is all knowing , and powerful.
Jake: *reads* What the hell does this mean?

Eric: Text the human google!
by Unknown_Source_ 19 August 18, 2010
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Are usually quiet slutty , and are known to be easily confused. Jessicas are usually very friendly with just about everyone, some times too friendly. Jessicas can come in any color pale to tan , and are very skinny. People often refer to Jessica in relation to being dumb or slutty.
Steve: Oh my god , Liz was such a hoe last night!
Matt: I know she was pulling a Jessica!


Amy: I'm such a blonde today!
Gabby: Jessica moment!
by Unknown_Source_ 19 August 18, 2010
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