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Along with Venom, Bathory are the highly respected pioneers of Black Metal. Bathory's name is the last name of the evil woman Elizabeth Bathory who lived sometime around the 1500s-1600s. some even go as far as calling her a vampire because of her vampiric crimes.

About Black Metal: Bathory's "Quorthon" took metal to a new level when he added high-pitched demon-like vocals screaming out lyrics focusing on evey aspect of evil to aggressive thrash. The genre then evolved into a more symphonic sound with lots and i mean LOTS of tremelo picking and blastbeats.

Quorthon, who died in 2004 from a heart related problem, also pioneered yet another great genre, Viking Metal, with albums like "Hammerheart" and "Twilight of the Gods" and the latest "Nordland" series. Viking Metal is characterized by mixing heavy metal, lots of choirs in the back chanting to the main riff of the song, and sometimes a bit of a folk influence straight out of the streets of Northern European countries such as Finland or Iceland. (Therefore you will probably hear alot of flutes and maybe even some bag-pipes!) But what mainly characterizes it are the lyrics about Norse Mythology and Asatru beliefs.
A taste of Bathory's Black Metal Style: I close your eyes
and send you into vainly dreams
I reign your soul
the night engulf your painful screams

I watch you cry and
twist your soul in agony
No prayers can save you now
from hell in eternity

I devastate your soul
and lacerate your mind
In sin I sanctify my
sword to crush your spine

A taste of Bathory's Viking Metal style:

God of Thunder
Who crack the sky
Swing your Hammer
Way up high

In chariot of gold
Ride across the clouds
The black storm is unfold
Burning mist is but a shroud

Seeds and honey
Milk and blood
A Sacrifice
To Thunder God

Laid in ship of Oak
On final sail to fate
Steel is at side
Drifting to the open Gates of

Shields of gold
Great warriors hall

Pretty significant change eh?

R.I.P. Quorthon (By the way I can't tell if he went to the firey firey place, or if he went to Valhalla.) ;)
by Unda Fiya December 13, 2004
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