2 definitions by Uncle Bear Man Sr.

This is the aka of a man that can be described as possessing chiseled good looks, a magnetic personality, and all the sexual benefits associated with these characteristics. This man is usually named after a beast such a lion, tiger, or BEAR Oh my!
Not only can this dude from the ville play ball, he's got swag to no end. No wonder the chicks we're calling him Albert Pull Hoes.
by Uncle Bear Man Sr. April 12, 2021
1. Adj. Describes the general negative, contemptible attitude of a person male or female.
2. Noun An extremely slutty (very promiscuous) female.

3. Noun refers to a woman that displays all the above traits, and to make matters worse she will be very generous with the (beaver) which is for the most part very beat up, blown out, and in a pretty rough condition. It is usually smells terrible, and has no memory of a hair clipper or a razor and shaving cream.
I was so wasted at the after party that I almost fell for this one shot ass beav we'd all settled for on many an unfruitful (beav hunt).
by Uncle Bear Man Sr. December 5, 2019