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The dirty. Known as the meeting place of the world's population, the middle-ground of everything. Nobody that lives here wants to stay here. The population income is extremely diverse, ranging anywhere from people that are living off food stamps to people who make millions. There are two lakes, Mary & Elizabeth, hence the name Twin Lakes. There is a small gang population known as the Twin Lakes Snakes. They ride around on bikes and/or drive hopped up cars. They are known due to the fact that they post out in front of the laundry mat across from Subway. There's an old man that drives an orange Lotus Exige that has it etched into his brain that he owns the streets. The town consists of two gas stations, four banks, and the all wonderful grocery store Sentry Goods. In the summer time, a large amount of Illinois douche bags like to drive up to their summer homes on our lakes. Fortunately, there is an upside, and the local police are only on the look-out for cars with Illinois plates which makes it nearly impossible for a resident of Twin Lakes to get pulled over. You're a local if you go to the gas station, and the attendant there is someone you went to high school with. It would seem as though we have more bars than we do people, but I assure you that is a misconception. Population: ~5500. But 20 bars within a 5 mile radius can do more than accommodate us. Beer consumption is unparalleled.
Twin Lakes Teenager: "Twin Lakes is such a shit hole, I can't wait to get out of here."


Illinois Driver: "Let's go to Twin Lakes to our summer home and get pulled over!"


New resident: "I hope moving to the town of Twin Lakes was a good idea. I want our son to have a great future."

Current Resident: "If that's what you were set out to do, you made the biggest mistake of your lives."
by Twin Lakes Survivor(for now) April 27, 2011
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