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to be brushed is to be disrespected; paid no attention to, deemed unworthy of contact. As in "to be brushed aside".
We were smokin' a blunt, Eddy came along rubbing his mittens thinking he's getting some, but he just got brushed.

"Yo let me hit that blunt"
"Hell no mans get brushed"
by Turkmenistan Stan January 02, 2010

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Dap fiend is someone who constantly goes out of their way to give daps or props to not only their friends, but also complete strangers and fags and crackheads. This person is a complete loser, and believes that touching another person's knuckles with theirs signifies some kind of a friendship pact, that can only be broken with 'yo back off I don't know you, fool'.
This punk Eddy was coming out the grocery store with douches and tampons he bought for his nasty ass hood rat girlfriend, and being the dap fiend he is, came over to the group of kids minding their own business with his fist, only to be brushed.
by Turkmenistan Stan December 31, 2009

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