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This is when you wake up the morning after you've done something awful/humiliating whilst intoxicated and suddenly remember your previous night's activities.
Oh my God, I didn't feel too bad this morning when I woke up, till I realised I'd called my best friend a whore, snogged my boss's significant other and mooned the woman who was my teacher when I was six! I was SO under the guilt quilt!
by Tuppence A. Bag December 29, 2010
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This describes the joyous feeling you get when something very stereotypically gay or camp occurs.
Oh my god, the set-list to this cabaret has a Streisand impersonator and a male stripper dancing to I Am What I Am! I think I just gayed myself!
by Tuppence A. Bag December 2, 2010
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Man: I've just made this cake, does anybody want any?
Lady: Well, I did have a large dinner, but that cake looks lovely. Go on, I'll just have a teech.
by Tuppence A. Bag October 26, 2010
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