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Named after Leopold Slikk or the Angry German Kid, is an effect where if you post something satirical on the Internet, people will perceive it as real without researching the backstory of said video.
"The Pickle Rick Szechuan Sauce Meltdown Video is a victim of the Slikk Effect."
by Trueno AE86 GT January 14, 2021
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Named after Oscarine Masuluke, Getting Masaluke'd is to lose or draw to an overhead kick from the opposition goalkeeper in the final minutes of the game
Team A drew with Team B because Team A got Masuluke'd
by Trueno AE86 GT May 27, 2020
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A fucking tragic surname or a cool surname depending on your opinion
My surname is Mylordick.

*whole class laughs loudly*
by Trueno AE86 GT May 12, 2020
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Originally meant a person who supported the idea of the superiority of the Aryan Race and the degradation of other races like Jews. Nazis were people who promoted/promote the ethnic cleansing of a race other than the Aryan Race. The word was coined by Joseph Goebbels (The Minister of Propaganda in the Third Reich) as an abbreviation of the ideology of 'National Socialism'.

Nowadays, it's a buzzword tossed around in the realm of politics as a way to dehumanize/demonize an opponent to one's opinion (mostly used by the far-left) or to express something you don't like or agree with, like the usage of the word 'communist' by the US people in the Cold War. The word is used as a generalization of a certain community nowadays, mainly the White Conservative community.
Person 1: *says something that could be interpreted as 'far-right'*
Person 2: You're a f****** nazi. I hope you die a horrible death.
by Trueno AE86 GT February 7, 2021
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When a lawyer (Prosecutor of Defensive Attorney) wins a court hearing, this could be said after the verdict
Judge: The defendant is not guilty
Defensive Attorney to Prosecutor: Get Lawyered
by Trueno AE86 GT May 27, 2020
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What you feel when you win against a tough boss in a video game with less than 10% of their health or you win a sports game by a narrow margin
An Example of Adrenosurge:
Team A gets a free kick against Team B in the 96th Minute, they're 1-1 and Team A scores a screamer to win the game 2-1 and the player jumps of their chair screaming and losing their shit
by Trueno AE86 GT July 4, 2020
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My players concedes a penalty and gets sent off
by Trueno AE86 GT July 4, 2020
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