2 definitions by Troy S. H.

"Bruh, how many niggabytes of Quan you got on dat phone?"
by Troy S. H. August 2, 2015
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A man who, despite actually doing his job correctly by leading a fairly normal life, gets blamed by all forms of people for their problems without a good reason. However, this does not refer to a man who is actually evil, known as a criminal, or just an outright cake ass nigga. Often the target of radical feminists, despite not talking shit to begin with.
If an evil man is white, he often has ancestry from Russia or is muscular (ex. the man who wrote this). Refer to cake ass nigga for something closer to reality.
If an evil man is black, then donate money to him.

If an evil man is Asian, then it makes white people look like dogs. No evil in that, I'm sure.
If an evil man is Conservative, then you can bet he just wants a place to hide.
If an evil man is liberal, check evil for a closer understanding of his true nature...
If an evil man is blue, then he probably had a seizure.
If an evil man is a Spanish-speaker, remember that the taco was invented by a white man named Glen Bell.

If an evil man is a Mulatto, he will grow wings one day.
If an evil man lives in Africa and is native, he will find justice in truth.
If an evil man is a soldier, he knows that the sound of gunfire hides the violence of others' words.
If an evil man is a president (except Trump and Nixon), then he must be the noblest of souls.
by Troy S. H. September 3, 2017
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