6 definitions by Trent Rockwell

When your Girlfriend gets pissed at you for hitting on her friend all night, she offers to give you a blowjob and while she is sucking on your nuts, sucks just a little too hard causing extreme and deliberate pain!
Man, I was hitting on my girls friend all night long. She didnt seem pissed at the time, but gave me an Angry Katie later in the night.
by Trent Rockwell January 01, 2008
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When after eating a lot of chicken wings, you spread your girls ass cheeks and shit inside of them like you are filling up a hoagie bun. Real pervs start trying to fuck her ass checks
What sick fuck, did you know he did a buffalo hoagie with that girl?
by Trent Rockwell January 19, 2008
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Being harassed by someone with a lot of sass.
Kelly from my office was really sassaling me today.
by Trent Rockwell May 12, 2008
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A gut a girl (or a guy) gets from sucking too much dick. Like a beer gut, only from man batter
That girl needs to stop sucking so much dick, she is starting to get a splooge gut.
by Trent Rockwell November 10, 2008
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Remember Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell and his big ass cell phone? Well, anyone with an old ass phone that is lacking todays features has a Zack Morris Phone
Sorry I couldnt get that video you sent me, I have a Zack Morris Phone
by Trent Rockwell August 23, 2007
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Can get it up. Kinda like whisky dick but for other reasons, like you jerk off too much, or your thinking about something else
I had the worst case of droopy dick, couldnt get it up. Shouldnt have jerked off 5 times before I hit it.
by Trent Rockwell July 26, 2007
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