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A device for combatting Negative Banter, and capable stopping a Bantex in its tracks. It can create banter from nothing simply by existing, thus enlivening otherwise dull conversations and events.
The original (and arguably best) Banter Machine is a large megaphone, with a REALLY annoying siren.
by TourC*nt May 9, 2005
A contraction of 'Banter Vortex' - this would be created when an individual said something particularly un-funny in an otherwise banterous situation, thus sucking in all the banter. To be avoided at all costs.

It can also be used to describe said individual.

See Also:
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by TourC*nt May 9, 2005
Fairly self-explanitory; an attempted piece of banter that not only falls dead, but manages to actually REDUCE the amount of banterousness around. If you come across any, you are advised to find a Banter Machine quickly and check the area for the presence of a Bantex
Any piece of chat about Land Rovers

"See that guttering over there, I put that up, did a really good job too"
by TourC*nt May 9, 2005