72 definitions by Tonythetiler

chris didnt take that joke very well. He really had his dick up his cunt.
by Tonythetiler November 19, 2017
Big trick carried over from a previous sport
Raymond dam Tony how do you throw those one handed upside down mule kicks on a sailboard

Tony its easy it's a mottocrossover from my childhood BMX days
by Tonythetiler August 5, 2021
I was so drunk anything was fair game if not for the limpdick system I would of chewed my arm off when I sobered up
by Tonythetiler November 19, 2017
Distended abdomen tell tale of too much hard sex
Tony went out a gladiator

She rode him with a pocket full of nickels
Doc said obvious cunt force trauma
She was glad he ate er

Mal Halla dude
by Tonythetiler December 15, 2021
Turn you special is to kick your ass because you are percieved to be annoying.
Kat told Tony he better get out of the kitchen before I turn you special
by Tonythetiler September 20, 2020
Metaphor for confidence

Antithesis of depends
Kat blue printed that sorry ass boy fuck

who expressed he wanted a cookie

She kept her big bitch pants on and found the Italian lover who wanted the whole goddamn bakery

His name was Tony of course
by Tonythetiler November 26, 2017